lunedì 26 gennaio 2015

1 ☆ First Blog Post!

Hi everyone ~

This year I wanna restart this blog, with my purchases, my reviews and something more ~

First of all, I introduce myself

My name is Valery, I'm from Italy and I'm 22.
I started to follow Japanese fashions some years ago, around the 2012, and atm I mostly dress pastel kei, lolita, aomoji, pastel goth and fairy kei. 

Atm my favorite shops are Angelic Pretty, LoveShoppingHolics and SheInside.
I love pink and white, cats and confectionery.
I'm in a relationship from 2010. One day I'd like to see my boyfriend dressed with an Ouji outfit, and I'm working for make that happen!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog